We spend our time growing and protecting your financial well-being
so you can spend more time enjoying what matters to you most.

You’re unique. Why would your investment strategy look like everyone else’s?

At Financial Heights, we believe “fit” is essential.

We’re talking about the connection and trust between advisor and client – but your financial plan also needs to match your unique lifestyle.

We work together

so you’re comfortable with where you are right now and where you want to go.

Advising families

We set families up for success and financial security

Advising business

By using our collective experience to help clients make the right decisions

Meet the team.

Who we are

We’re professionals who understand where you are and what you care about. Together, we build a
strategy to get you where you want to go.

Grant B. Page, B.F.A., EPC
Grant B. Page, B.F.A., EPCFinancial Security Advisor
Investment Representative
Andrew Lee, CFP, B.Comm (Hons.)
Andrew Lee, CFP, B.Comm (Hons.)Financial Planner
Investment Representative
Jordan Lomonaco CFP, BPHE
Jordan Lomonaco CFP, BPHEFinancial Planner
Investment Representative
MorganExecutive Assistant to Grant Page & Jordan Lomonaco

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Phone: (204) 489-1587
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